Privacy Policy

We are aware of our responsibility and take every concrete precautionary step to keep your identity secured with us.

Highly trained IT professionals are working tirelessly towards protecting your data.

Dependable hi-end software and SSL encryption system are being used to deter any pilferage while sharing your data with our lenders to process your loan request.

Your data is shared with our lenders only after you give us the permission at the time of executing your loan application.

Our trustworthy lenders obey the clauses set out in the privacy policy responsibly to ensure that your sensitive data does not fall into the wrong hands.

Your personal details are shared with the government authorities whenever there is an inquiry about a borrower.

We require and use your private information to communicate with you at different levels of loan processing, work out affordable loan offers with our lenders, forward the best possible loan offers to you, and maintain our database to be in touch with you.

We do not continue to keep your sensitive details with us after the dealing is over. All your shared data is permanently erased from our system.

Please note that you have all the freedom to use and look around our portal and get necessary information about our services and policies without having to share your personal details.

Cookies are used to assist us in understanding your browsing patterns and improve the same to make it more efficient so that you can get the info you want quickly. If it bothers you, simply change the settings in your browser.

However, not all the features of our advanced website can be used if the cookies are disabled.

Payday Loans In Minutes holds the rights and sole authorization and freedom to amend the clauses whenever there is a possibility to raise the standard and efficiency of our services.