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Welcome to paydayloansinminutes.ca! We are one of the leading loan referral website which assist loan seekers to get in contact with the reliable lender and get the suitable service. But before you make the decision to avail these services you must carefully read this terms and condition page. By making the use of this site you give you consent over these terms and agree to bind by them. So, it is must that you understand these terms carefully and if you are not agreed with any of the following term then please leave the site on immediate basis.

Important Details To Consider By Users

1. It is noteworthy that we are not the actual lender and don't make the decision of lending. Here we are associated with some leading lenders that offer the cash advance to the potential borrowers on the basis of their condition. By making our application you are giving us permission to share your details with number of lenders to find the right deal as per your situation.

2. By making our application doesn't necessarily mean you get the loan approval. The lending decision is solely taken by the original lender after verifying your details so provide the right details to get the easy approval.

3. One must note that we don't endorse or recommend any lender or their service. Thus, it is your duty to check the lender and their deal before making the decision as you are doing it at your risk.

4. Our services are available for the permanent Canadian citizenship only who is more than 18 years of age. By using the website you are committing that you are legally eligibility to take the service,

5. It is advised to choose the secured way to browse our website. Please note that we are not liable for any damage you face by using the site.

Copyright And Intellectual Property Law

The content text, images, website layout, design and other material available at the paydayloansinminutes.ca is strictly secured by the Copyright and Intellectual Property Law of Canada. It restricts users from copying, modifying or reproducing the material of this site for any sort of commercial purpose. Here we just allow our users to take a copy for the needed available data for short time for the personal use only.

Right To Amendment

Please keep in mind that we reserve the right to make necessary amendments in the site and this terms and condition page. We are not liable to notify about the same as it is visitors responsibility to check the updates before using the site. The modified terms comes with immediate effects so check it carefully as using the site after amendments is considered as your acceptance for the same. We are not liable for the problems you face because of negligence you show while checking the updates.

Third Party Websites

At times, our website might hold the links of third party websites that redirect visitor to the other website that might be in their interest. But before browsing these websites you must check their terms and policy as we don't control or manage these sites. Thus, we are not accountable for the damage you face because of browsing these websites.


  • The information available at the site just gives you general details and the representative example of the loan product offered by the lenders in our panel. The terms of their original offer will be differ so check it carefully before making any lending decision. We are not liable if you make the lending decision on the basis of details provided herein as it is not an expert advice.
  • We also don't promise that information available at the website is error free. So, don't rely on it and take the lending decision on your risk.

Way To File Complaint

In case you are not satisfied with our service or any of term and wish to file a complaint then please write to us at info@paydayloansinminutes.ca. We will check your complaint and get back to you ASAP with relevant response.

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